More About Me

A C C O U N T.
I disappear/lurk often. I lock at random.
I tag tweets on very rare occasions. If something is on your blacklist I simply won't tweet about it.
Don't indirect me. @ or dm me. Speak up if you have an issue.
Softblock when you unfollow.
I can be tweet heavy but I'm usually not, I delete most tweets.I don't retweet often.

E G O.
I am living in an abusive household and will talk about it.
I am mentally ill and have a lot of 'magical thinking'.
I am a physical empath.Yes, I believe in that shit.
I'm very blunt. I won't sugarcoat things.
I'm super mega alpha goth. My goal is to be 80s goth.
Sometimes I draw. Don't use my art without asking me.
I think it's really funny to be edgy. Everything I do is, to a degree, ironic.
I make crude/mean jokes but if you can't tell if I'm joking, let me know.
Don't waste my time with any type of drama.
I'm a very negative person and I love to bitch and moan.
I'm very vocal about my distaste for things.
I will never initiate conversations, don’t expect much from me personally.

I love the bioshock series more than you do
Bioshock 2 blows everything out of the water